Growing up Amy was the one whose peers would seek her out to learn more about sexuality, because they knew that in her family, talking about sexuality wasn't taboo. While attending college, her circle of friends was an entirely new crew, yet her role remained the same—she was always tracked down to provide sexuality advice. The rest is history—she found her calling and career as a sexuality educator.

You've probably received a lot of messages and tidbits from TV, the Internet, music, newspapers, magazines, family, and friends. Often, when Amy asks adults, "How much do you know about sexuality?" she hears "a lot."  Yet, it's usually the tips and techniques most people pride themselves on, not the basics about their body and information that can keep them sexually healthy. Ideally, the foundation to become a sexually healthy adult begins at birth, is emphasized in adolescence, and continues through the lifespan. However, with a lack of medically accurate, comprehensive sexuality education, many people learn about sexuality through trial and error rather than real education. It's Amy's mission and passion to provide appropriate sexuality education for every age and stage of life.