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Amy has been quoted in numerous national mags and on the web including AOL, Best Life, Company UK, Cosmopolitan, Daily Beast, Fit Pregnancy, Glamour UK, Health, Hollybaby, Hollywood Life, Maxim, Men's Health, New York Family, NY Daily News, Redbook, Timeout New York Kids, SELF, SheKnows,, Woman's Day and Women's Health. 


RU Sexting?

Feature article by Erin Zammett Ruddy, January 2012

Check out the article on page 70, and read what Amy has to say.


How To Be Good At Sex

Feature article by Erin Zammett Ruddy, October 2011

Check out the article on page 249, and read what Amy has to say.


Ack!  Our Kids Walked In On Us

Feature article by Lauren Bradshaw, July 2011

Check out the article, and read what Amy has to say.


I Wish My Sex Life Were More___________!

Feature article by Carita Rizzo, April 2011

Check out the article on page 253, and read what Amy has to say.


How Healthy Is Your Bedroom?

Feature article by Aviva Patz, April 2011

Check out the article on page 102, and read what Amy has to say.


Birth-Control News Your Gyno Won't Telll You

Article by Holly Pevzner, April 2011

Check out the article on page 163.


The Most Powerful Sex Toy?  Your Brain

Article by Sarah Jio, March 2011

Check out the article on page 197, and read what Amy has to say.


The Erotic Touch That Draws Him Closer

Feature article by Korin Miller, March 2011

Check out the article on page 124, and read what Amy has to say.

Fit Pregnancy

Exciting Expectations

Feature Article by Suzanne Schlosberg, February/March 2011

Check out the article on page 38, and read what Amy has to say.


Orgasm 101!

Article by Jen Matlack, February 2011

Check out the article on page 98, and read what Amy has to say.


Make it Happen in 2011!: Have More OOOO's

Feature Article by Sarah Jio, January/February 2011

Check out the article on page 176, and read what Amy has to say.

9 Surprising Male Erogenous Zones

Feature article by Sarah Jio, December 2, 2010


Coming Soon: Your Sex Life

Feature Article by Jenna McCarthy, November 2010

Check out the article on page 110, and read what Amy has to say.

Company UK

X Rated Erotic Fiction!

Feature article by Diana Best, September 2010

AOL Health

7 Ways to Feel Skinny During Sex

Feature Article by Ronnie Koenig, July 2010


101 Things About Men

August 2010

Check out the sex tips on page 74, and read what Amy has to say.


Experience "OMG. Yes!" Pleasure Tonight

Feature article by Korin Miller, July 2010

Check out the article on page 122, and read what Amy has to say.


The World's Best Orgasm Tricks

Feature article by Korin Miller, May 2010

Check out the tips on page 148 in which Amy was an expert source.

The Best Sex Positions for Every Situation

Feature article by Sarah Jio, April, 14 2010

Vanessa, Do NOT Take Serena’s Advice: You Don’t Need To Keep Romance Alive By Trying New Things!

Feature article, March 30, 2010


How Do These Guys Get Away With Cheating? Clues You Can Use To Find Out If Your Man Is Straying!

Feature article, March 24, 2010


Why Do Cheaters — Like Jesse & Tiger — Tell Their Mistresses Their Marriages Are Shams?

Feature article, March 23, 2010


Watch Out Julianne! It Looks Like Your New BF, Dane Cook, Definitely Has A Type….

Feature article, March 3, 2010


Vienna REALLY Wants To Get Married! Do You Think She’s Ready?

Feature article by Lindsey DiMattina, February 25, 2010

7 Forgotten Female Erogenous Zones

Feature article by Sarah Jio, February 22, 2010


8 Embarrassing Sex Questions-Answered

Feature article by Sarah Jio, February 16, 2010


10 Ways to Have Better Sex

Feature article by Sarah Jio, January 29, 2010

Do You Think Elin Nordegren Did the Right Thing? Experts Weigh in on Checking Your Tiger’s Texts!

Feature article, January 28, 2010


Girl on Top

Feature article by Korin Miller, January 2010

Check out the article on page 78, and read what Amy has to say.

Renee, What’s Up With Your Strange Schluby Date Style?

Feature article by Katrina Mitzeliotis, December 30, 2009

Time Out New York Kids

The Big Talk: SEX

Feature article by Carole Braden, November 2009


The Sex Pyramid

Romantic or Quickie: What kind of lovemaking do you need tonight?

Feature article by Jenna McCarthy, August 2009


The Cosmo Sex Poll

Guys rate 125 sex moves.  Thousands of men agree:  These are the techniques that send them over the edge.

Feature article by Bethany Heitman, August 2009

Check out the article on page 102, and read what Amy has to say.

British Glamour

15 Things you can Change about your Sex Life (and 5 you can't, so relax!)

Feature article by Em and Lo, July 2009

Check out the article on page 62, and read what Amy has to say.


Riding Out the Recession

The market may have gone bust, but your sex life is about to go boom.

Feature article by Holly Eagleson, July 2009

Fit Pregnancy

True Confessions

Real moms confess how they really feel about pregnancy, sex and new motherhood--and expert advice on how to cope.

Feature article by Suzanne Schlosberg, April/May 2009

The Buzz Board, February 2009

Check out the article, and read what Amy has to say.

Women's Health

Walk This Way

January/February 2009

The way you walk can reveal whether you experience vaginal orgasms.


Are you Crazy Enough in Bed?

Article by Holly Eagleson, January 2009

Cosmo asked guys in a webpoll about how far they like women to push the passion envelope.

Check out the article on page 90, and read what Amy has to say.

Get Into The "O" Zone

Article by Dana Demas, January 2009

The Buzz Board, December 2008

Check out the article, and read what Amy has to say.

Holiday Preconception Prep:

Tips for Avoiding the Top 3 Seasonal Fertility Traps

Article by Kim Seidel, December 2008

The NY Daily News

A Victory to Love

Article by Gina Salamone, November 2008

Birthing Tips from the Experts

Article by Amy Levine, November 2008

You know what it takes to get pregnant, and that at some point you’ll be caring for a newborn.  But, it’s the step in between—GIVING BIRTH—that can include shocking, scary, or simply funny experiences that moms-to-be don’t always know they’ve signed up for. Here’s what you need to know about birthing your baby into this world from experts who have seen it all.

El mítico Punto-G
¿Hay evidencia médica de que exista?

Article by María Elena Venant, November 2008

Castos, pero infieles
¿Existe el adulterio sin sexo?

Article by María Elena Venant, October 2008

The Buzz Board, October 2008

Check out the article, and read what Amy has to say.

The Moment Blog by Bonnie Fuller, October 2008

For the first time I was totally misquoted, and unfortunately it hasn't been corrected.  It should say "The New York sexologist Amy Levine told me that a friend professed that since he and his wife weren’t going out to dinner so often and were staying in, they finally had time to have sex. It was an unexpected bonus in the downturn."

The word in the article that I never said was confided.  Sometimes writers choose words they think make a more profound or salacious point.  However, I take confidentialty very seriously and never would I tell anyone what someone told me in confidence whether they were a friend or a client.  Bonnie was a sweetheart to talk with, and she was totally cool when I asked her to correct it.  Guess it wasn't that important to someone in control of the keyboard.

Get Your Flirt On

Article by Margeaux Baulch, October 2008

A Day in the Life of...a Sexuality Educator

Article by Em and Lo, September 2008

Sexo: ¿es bueno todos los días?
Opina tú también según tu experiencia

Article by Gabriela Abihaggle, September 2008

Top 5 Pregnancy Sex Questions Answered

Article by Amy Levine, September 2008

As a certified sexuality educator, my latest mission is to give you the answers you want and deserve about sex during pregnancy. Scanning my personal sexuality library from ceiling to floor, it’s no wonder you’re craving to learn more. There’s minimal sex information available for moms-to-be. For some common Q & As and others no one’s writing about, read on. After all, we’re working with a time frame that expires the moment you deliver your little bundle.

Love and Sex Myths from the Movies

Article by Mary Kearl, August 2008

Love means never having to say you're sorry. Making love is equivalent to being in love. Oh, and it also means really great sex. These are just a few of Hollywood's ideas about love and love-making, but how much truth lies in these beautiful, if not simplistic, messages? We discuss the top movie-made misconceptions about romance with noted love and sexual health experts.

Check out sections 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 15, and 17 of the article, and read what Amy has to say.

Hot Blooded

Article by Margeaux Baulch, August 2008

Make Him Worship You

Article by Margeaux Baulch, June 2008

Natural Libido Enhancers: Recharge Through...

Article by Mary Kearl, April 2008

If "No, honey, not tonight," sounds familiar, you or your partner may be one of the many women with a low libido. According to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 43% of women under age 60 have some type of sexual dysfunction, and decreased libido, or sexual appetite, is the most common sexual dysfunction. Find out what causes low libido in women and discover natural ways to recharge desire here.

Check out sections 4, 5, 8, 9, and 10 of the article, and read what Amy has to say.

New York Family

The Talk

Feature Article by Carla Zanoni, February 2008

The subject of sex education can be fraught with confusion and concern--for parents, that is.

Here is some age-appropriate advice for bringing this sticky subject into the open.

Check out the The Talk, and read what Amy has to say. 


All your Off-limits Sex Questions Answered

Feature Article by Marisa Cohen, September 2007

Does going off the Pill boost your sex drive?  I stopped taking it after I broke up with my boyfriend, and I'm climbing the walls!

..."The anxiety about a dying partnership can diminish libido," says Amy Levine, founder of Sex Ed Solutions in New York City...

I just survived a breakup.  How can I be less nervous when I'm with a new partner?

...With someone new everything--including his sexual health and his turn-ons--is foreign, Levine says..If you're worried about STDs, ask when he was last tested and if he's engaged in risky behavior..."Think back to high school, when you gradually rounded the bases" Levine says.  "That can be sexy."...

I'm dating a slobbery kisser, but I don't want to crush his ego.  Lost cause, or can I teach him?

..."Don't tell him what he's doing wrong!"  Levine cautions.  Instead say, "It makes me hot when you kiss me like this"...

It bothers me that my honey likes watching pornography occasionally.  Why does it get to me, and what can I do about it?

..."It's natural to wonder why your partner wants to ogle other women when he has you," Levine says.  "But some men like to see a variety of beautiful bodies.  It doesn't mean he doesn't love yours."...

Women's Health

Know His Stuff

Feature Article by Steve Mazzucchi, September 2007

...To make your man's penis seem bigger, get on top, tilt your pelvis in the direction that feels most pleasurable, and push down for greater depth, suggests sexuality educator  Amy Levine, founder of

Best Life

Book of the Dad: Thirty-Five Simple Rules for Surviving the Toughest 18 Years of your Life

June 2007

Rule 34...Normalize Conversations about Sexuality. Talking with your son about safe sex will probably elicit secret pride for both of you.  Hell, you fondly remember your first furtive fumblings as you transitioned from boy to man.  Your daughter, however, if another matter.  You  imagine her being a virgin forever.  "The key is to make conversations about sexuality as common as other topics," says Amy Levine, a certified sexuality educator.  She advises fathers to seek teachable moments when they can ask their daughters how they feel about various sexual subjects, based on television plot lines, news stories, and especially, experiences their friends are going through.  Then dads can share their values and give facts or correct misconceptions where relevant.  For instance, on the topic of becoming sexually active: While a dad might want to discourage it by stating his values, he can also explain the importance of using condoms.  "It's important that daughters know their fathers will always be there to support and guide them, no matter what," says Levine...

Current Health 2 (for middle and high school students)

Everything Else You Wanted to Know About Sex...

but didn't know who (or how!) to ask

Feature Article by Meredith Matthews, April/May 2007

When you're learning about sexual health, getting good answers is important.  "every question should be asked," says Amy Levine, a sexuality educator based in New York City.  "If your source doesn't know the answer, [he or she] can research the topic and get back to you.  Or, you can look up the answer together."

For starters...If your teacher has an anonymous-question box, use it; if not, ask about starting one.  (Just remember your school may have rules about what teachers can and can't say.)  Levine offers tips for asking questions without feeling awkward:

Power Up.  Know that you have a right to this information.  "You deserve answers to your questions," she explains.

Pick an adult you trust.  This could be a parent or another relative, a teacher, a religious leader, a doctor, or anyone in whom you can confide.  "Feel them out" to determine their comfort level, Levine advises.  If your source doesn't have the answer, ask him or her to help you find it.

Time it well.  "Pick a time when he or she is calm and really has time to listen and respond," Levine notes.  It could be when you're setting the table for dinner, riding in the car, or hanging out on a weekend afternoon.

Say how you feel.  Acknowledging embarrassment--yours and your source's--helps take the edge off for you both.  "Try saying, 'I feel awkward; how does this make you feel?" suggests Levine.

Be clear about your needs.  "Whether you need a question answered or just need support, let your source know what you need," Levine says.  Asking specifically for what you want improves your chances of getting it.

Keep talking.  Look for other opportunities to continue the conversation, such as pointing out sexual situations in television shows you both watch.  "The more you talk about it," observes Levine, "the more it'll be casual, convenient, and comfortable."

Parenting Teens Online

Feature Article by Logan Levkoff, M.S., February/March 2007

Hooking Up: Whatever Happened to Crushes?

...Unfortunately date rape, peer pressure, and other types of nonconsensual sex "are unfortunate realities of the society we live in" says Amy Levine, founder of  "Parents shouldn't wait for these moments to appear, but should be proactive by sharing the information in advance, through reading a news story, watching a television show together, and then talking about what they've seen."



Feature Article by Kate Torgovnick December 2006-January 2007

Are You Cheating?

There are a million new high-tech ways to stray, but let's first define cheating.

...As sex educator Amy Levine points out, "People get jealous about their partner spending sexual energy on someone else."...

 November 11, 2006


Feature Article by Staff Writer Pat Burson, November 6, 2006

Facing the Facts of Life

In an age when sex seems to be everywhere, parents must level with their kids early and often - and pass on their values

...You can't rely on your child's school to provide thorough sex education, either. The scope and nature of sex education taught in New York's 700 school districts is decided locally, state officials say. That means what children learn ranges from little to comprehensive, says Amy Levine, a sexuality educator in Manhattan and founder of Parents remain their children's first and best teachers, she says...

Time Out New York Kids

Feature Article by Sarah Robbins, September-October 2006

In an era of abstinence-only sex ed, here's where your kids can get the lowdown on the birds and bees. 

...And New York City (though no longer considered a den of iniquity by most) is littered with teachable moments--whether you're on the subway, strolling by the Museum of Sex or walking past the Naked Cowboy in Times Square.  "Everyday scenarios are a great way to start talking about sex," says Amy Levine, a certified sexuality educator.  "If your six-year-old sees a pregnant woman on the subway, share a simple message about a baby growing in the woman's uterus for nine months."  Or, on an afternoon jaunt near Houston Street, use a billboard of a scantily clad model as an opportunity to chat with your older child about body image and the media...


Men's Health

Feature Article by Lisa Jones and Matt Bean, April 2006

What She Really Wants

Men's Health

Feature Article by Yvonne Fulbright, July 2005

Why do women...

...take so long to orgasm?  They don't--it's just you.  Research has found women can easily stimulate themselves to orgasm within minutes.  "Women ho masturbate tend to climax easily," says Amy Levine, a sex educator from New York.  So encourage her.



Feature Article by Denise Maher, November 2005

How Not to Get Pregnant